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iRONS (interactive Reservoir Operation Notebooks and Software)

iRONS is a Python package that enables the simulation, forecasting and optimisation of reservoir systems. iRONS provides a set of Python functions (iRONS Software) implementing typical reservoir modelling task and a set of interactive Jupyter Notebooks (iRONS Notebooks) that demonstrate key functionalities through practical examples (Peñuela et al. 2021).

iRONS Software

The iRONS Software is a set of Python functions implementing typical reservoir modelling tasks, such as: estimating inflows to a reservoir, simulating operator decisions, closing the reservoir mass balance equation – in the context of both short-term forecasting and long-term predictions.

You can download the functions from the iRONS Github repository: iRONS Software

iRONS Notebooks

The package includes a set of interactive Jupyter Notebooks that demonstrate key functionalities through practical examples, and that can be run in the Jupyter environment either locally or remotely via a web browser. The notebooks included in iRONS are divided in two sections:

A. Knowledge Transfer (KT) Notebooks: A set of simple examples to demonstrate the value of simulation and optimisation tools for water resources management – i.e. why one should use these tools in the first place.

B. Implementation Notebooks: A set of workflow examples showing how to apply the iRONS functions to more complex problems such as: generating inflow forecasts through a rainfall-runoff model (including bias correcting weather forecasts); optimising release scheduling against an inflow scenario or a forecast ensemble; optimising an operating policy against time series of historical or synthetic inflows.

You can download the Notebooks from the iRONS Github repository: iRONS Notebooks

The iRONS Notebooks can be run on the cloud by using Binder (, so that they are accessible by a web browser without requiring the installation of Python. Just click here

Install iRONS locally

To install iRONS on your computer: Install iRONS

Github repository

iRONS Github repository


Peñuela, A., Hutton, C., Pianosi, F. (2021) An open-source package with interactive Jupyter Notebooks to enhance the accessibility of reservoir operations simulation and optimisation. Environmental Modelling & Software, 145(105188).


This project was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), grant EP/R007330/1


Copyright (C) 2021 Andres Peñuela and Francesca Pianosi. iRONS is released under the License: MIT


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