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The iRONS Implementation Notebooks is a set of workflow examples showing how to apply the iRONS functions to real-world data and problems including: generating inflow forecasts through a rainfall-runoff model, including bias correcting weather forecasts; optimising release scheduling against an inflow scenario or a forecast ensemble; optimising an operating policy against time series of historical or synthetic inflows. These Notebooks are meant to serve as a ‘learn-by-doing’ alternative to a User manual and a starting point for the user’s own application workflows.

This is the list all the Notebooks that are currently included in iRONS including their description and links to run them online:

1.a. Downloading ensemble weather forecasts: downloads ensemble weather forecasts/hindcasts from the ECMWF public dataset. Link

1.b. Bias correction of weather forecasts: applies a linear scaling approach to correct the bias of seasonal forecasts (rainfall, temperature and evaporation ensembles). Link

2.a. Generation of reservoir inflow ensemble forecasts from weather forecasts: uses the HBV model to simulate the inflow forecast into a water reservoir using the seasonal forecasts, both in a deterministic and in a stochastic manner, as forcing inputs. Link

3.a. Multi-objective optimisation of reservoir release scheduling: simulates and applies multi-objective optimization to find optimal release and pumped inflows scheduling in some illustrative study-cases. Link

3.b. Multi-objective optimisation of reservoir operating policy: uses an operating policy function, together with a simulation model and optimisation algorithm, to assist the long-term operation of a water reservoir system. Link

If any of the examples, errors or warnings are unclear or you would like to contribute, please contact us.